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Top 10 Wedding Party Favors

Party favors at weddings often end up getting left behind after the reception or eventually make their way to a garbage bin. Looking for a party favor idea that your guests will enjoy and won’t go to waste? Check out our list of top ten favorite party favors below!

Flashback Cameras

Talk about a flash from the past! These cameras are making their comeback and there is no question as to why. While your photographer will be there capturing all the special moments of your day professionally, it’s great to be able to look back on all the fun candid moments that happened away from your photographer’s lens. Place a camera on each table with a sign or have a place where guests can pick them up.  Have your guests drop them off after the night is through and get all of them developed! If you make two copies of each, you can keep one for yourself and then mail a few of your favorites to people in the photos. Kill two birds with one set of photos and write your thank you note on the back of the photos before you mail them!

Photo by Melizrose on Pinterest

Jellies & Honey

Do you have a family member who is famous for their homemade jelly? Maybe you know a local beekeeper with the best fresh honey. Giving out small little jars of one of these breakfast staples is a sweet, but tasty way of saying thanks to your guests. Just fill up your jar of choice with honey or jam and add a sweet little tag to the lid!

Individual Donuts Boxes

After a long night of dancing and celebrating, your guests will certainly appreciate this tasty party favor. Not only is it sweet and unique, it will help get your guests on track to kick that hangover the next day. Krispy Kreme sells individual donut boxes, just be sure you have someone designated to pick them up if you can’t get them delivered directly to your venue.

Photo by Hitched on Pinterest

Koozies as Wedding Party Favors
Boozy Accessories

Boozy accessories like koozies and bottle openers are quite common, but they are something many of your guests will appreciate and use often. Every time they crack open a cold one, they will think back and remember your big day!

Copper Mugs

This couple chose to hand out copper mugs as their party favor! Not only were they a gift that their guests loved, they served as not one, but three aspects of the big day! They were also displayed with name tags showing the seating assignments and served as the glasses for each guest to drink out of during the reception. This is especially clever if you choose to serve Moscow Mules as a signature cocktail during the night!

Photo by Jordan Weiland

Photo by Heirloom Photography

Luggage Tags

Are you having a destination wedding? If you are, these luggage tags make the perfect party favor! Not only is this a useful gift that your guests will appreciate, but they get to put it to use as soon as the wedding festivities conclude!

Sweet Treats

Everyone enjoys a sweet treat every now and again, especially after a long night of celebrating. You can leave a goodie bag of homemade cookies at each place setting or set them aside on a table near the exit of your venue so guests don’t leave them behind. You don’t have to just stick to cookies, you can put your own twist on this party favor idea and include your favorite treat. This couple opted for cake pops and had them specially decorated!

Photo by Teresa Jackson on Pinterest

Candles as Wedding Party Favors

Photo by Burgh Brides


Everyone loves candles! This couple chose to make homemade candles as a thank-you to their guests. Each time they light their candle, they will think of the newlyweds who gifted it to them. You can choose to DIY or order these online from Etsy!

Let Love Grow

Are you and your groom known for having green thumbs? If you are, you might want to consider this party favor option! Offering a packet of seeds is not only sustainable and great for the environment, but how cute is this display?

Photo by PlainJane2424 on Etsy

Photo by Love is a Big Deal on Pinterest

Handmade Soap

Offering handmade soap as your wedding party favor is unique and shows you put thought into every last detail of your big day. You can even add these cute little paper wraps with your initials or wedding monogram.

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