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About Black Prong

Black Prong is a unique, 90-acre resort for equestrians, nature enthusiasts, or anyone looking to have a tranquil getaway.

Nestled in central Florida directly next to Goethe State Forest, Black Prong is as much a steward of nature as are the equestrians who enjoy its peaceful setting. Whether you’re a traveling trail rider seeking a winter home base, professional looking for quiet training facilities close to HITS and WEC, or a nature lover seeking quiet day-to-day communion with the forests of central Florida, Black Prong is the relaxing home-away-from-home for each individual. In addition to many on site lodging opportunities for both humans and horses alike, Black Prong offers facility rentals of the Main Pavilion and the grounds for private personal and corporate events, horse shows, dog shows, and weddings.
Black Prong Goethe State Forest Trail Ride

Where does the name “Black Prong” come from?

The Goethe Forest has several creeks or “drains” including Black Prong, Cow Creek, Ten Mile Creek, and Horse Hole Creek. The name “Black Prong” is said to originate as a descriptor for the branching prong of the forest drain system that has dark stained water due to the tannins released by decomposing pine leaves. The Black Prong drain has been used as a marker to identify this northeast side of the Goethe Forest since before the land was acquired by the Florida State Forest Service. It is now the namesake of the Black Prong Trailhead and our resort!
Reid and Sarah, members of The Black Prong team

Black Prong was acquired in May 2019 by Florida horseman and entrepreneur Reid Nagle and his wife Sarah.

Black Prong was founded in the early 2000’s by Alan and Maureen Aulson, two horse people who split their time between Massachussets and north central Florida. They started the facility as a location that would provide combined drivers a place to visit and train their horses during the winter. That vision quickly evolved to incorporate newly built barns and apartments along with an RV park for many other events outside of combined driving. The facility now hosts herding dog trials, multiple dog shows, and other trail riding and endurance competitions throughout the year. When Reid and Sarah purchased the facility they wanted to continue and expand upon Alan and Maureen’s vision, keeping Black Prong equestrian-focused with an emphasis on accommodating guests and horses in a luxury setting that would take advantage of the 53,000 acre Goethe State Forest which surrounds the Village.


Our Team

Judy Lewis

Chief Operating Officer

Michelle of the Black Prong Equestrian Village estate

Michele Markward

General Manager

Wayne Winters

Head Groundskeeper

Michele Collins

Guest Relations Manager