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Trending wedding reception exits that don't involve sparklers!

Having a unique wedding reception exit strategy not only ties the whole day together in a fun and memorable way for both you and your guests, but it also creates a fun photo opportunity. Sparklers are very popular because guests can partake in the activity and the photos are gorgeous. But what if your venue doesn’t allow flammable objects? We have a list of great alternatives that will make your reception exit epic!

Flower Petals

Flower petals are a great alternative to use for a reception exit. This couple had small cones filled with rose petals that guests were able to easily grab before the exit. On the photographer’s cue, guests were able to throw their petals in the air to create this breathtaking photo! The best part about using flower petals is that they can be easily swept up or left outside because they are biodegradable.

Photo by Dylan Posso on Unsplash


Throwing confetti is another popular reception exit idea and the photos can be stunning. However, it can create quite a mess so be sure to ask your venue if it is allowed. Wanting the confetti to be thrown outside? Try opting for biodegradable confetti versions that can be left outside!

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are the perfect way to liven up any party. Not only can they be used for the most epic dance party, but they also create fun reception exit photos. The best part? These are inexpensive and clean-up is minimal!


Who doesn’t love bubbles? Not only can these be used to entertain little ones during a reception, but the adults will have fun with them too! This couple used bubbles in their reception exit, and the photos turned out beautifully! Spice things up and get bubble guns to really pump up the party.


This LED balloon exit is one of our favorites! These balloons can hold their light for up to 24 hours and the sticks make them easy to arrange for the perfect photo. You can find these on Pinterest, and right before the reception exit, have your guests simply activate the light strip, fill them up with air and pose for the photo!

Photo by Lasercutwraps Shop on Pinterest

Photo by Nessa Serr on Pinterest

Human Tunnel

Looking for an idea that doesn’t require adding anything to your shopping list? Have your guests make a human tunnel as you exit your reception! Not only does this fun idea leave nothing to clean up, but it’s free too.

Bird Seeds

Looking for a reception exit idea that won’t require any cleanup or pollution? Try using bird seeds during your reception exit! Traditionally, throwing rice is a symbolic way of wishing the newlyweds a lifetime of happiness, but rice can cause harm to birds if ingested. Instead of rice, swap it out for bird seeds and leave the birds a tasty snack for the next morning!

Photo by Catherine Guidry on Pinterest

Photo from the TastefulArtisan on Etsy


Not a fan of the bird seed idea, but still want something eco-friendly that can be tossed outside? Try tossing lavender! Not only does it smell amazing, but if tossed outside, there is no clean-up required. Reduce the hassle and order pre-packaged kits straight from Etsy. Lavender also has a calming effect, so it might be a good idea to keep some around to ward off those wedding day jitters!

LED Wands

These LED fiber optic wands are so much fun to use in a reception exit! If you still want that sparkler exit feel, this is the way to go! They look just like sparklers in the photos but can be used at any wedding venue. This no-mess option is super easy, and the photos turn out amazing. After the reception exit, guests can keep them as a fun wedding favor!

Photo by If You Say I do on Pinterest

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