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Having a guest book is a sweet way to remember who shared your special day with you, but it doesn’t have to be just a plain book with some hard-to-read signatures. Check out these unique ways to spruce up your wedding guestbook! 


Polaroid photos of guests laid next to the wedding guest book. Polaroids

Having a polaroid camera at your wedding is a fun way to spruce up your guestbook while giving your guests a fun activity to take part in. Set out a few sharpies and let them add a date idea or a sweet note below the photo.  Gather them in a container or pair them with fun washi tape and let your guests tape them into your guestbook!

Photo of a vintage typewriter.

Photo by Florian Klauer on Unsplash


Vintage Typewriter 

Going for a more vintage vibe? Break out the old typewriter and allow your guests to type a message. When they are finished, they can pin it to a cute board or add them to a photo book that commemorates your special day. 



Photo of a blank postcard and a pen.

Photo by Mediamodifier on Unsplash.

Send a Postcard

Set up a mailbox and allow your dates to fill out postcards in place of a traditional guest book. They can leave well wishes, words of wisdom or romantic vacation destinations for the newlyweds. 


Photo of a camera on a gimble.

Photo by Fahrad Norouzi on Unsplash.

Video Book

Do you already have a videographer booked for your wedding? Ask them if they can film a guest video for you in place of a traditional wedding book. Guests can then be recorded sharing a memory of the couple, how they met, well wishes and sweet messages that the bride and groom can re-watch for years to come!




Rotary Phone

Photo by Ian Harber on Unsplash.

Voice Recording from a Rotary Phone

How sweet would it be to hear the voices of your loved ones, rather than reading names and messages from a guest book.  Plus, these vintage rotary phones are an adorable addition to any wedding. Your guests can pick up the phone and leave a message for you to listen to after the wedding. Add even more fun by having the recording turned into a vinyl record. 


Flowers sitting on a vinyl record.

Vinyl Record

Are you a fan of vinyl records? For this wedding guest book idea, all you need is a record and a few white markers. Let your guests sign the vinyl record and then display it near your turntable! If you let your guests sign a record, remember to not actually play said record. The paint could mess up your turntable needle or alter the grooves changing the sound frequency. You could also find a copy with your first dance song and have your guests sign the cover sleeve. Imagine how sweet it would be to dance to the music on your anniversaries and have a memorable guest book that functions rather than collecting dust.

Memory Frame

Photo by Emma Salter on Pinterest.



A Memory Frame 

This version of a guest book will look great when displayed in your home after the wedding. Guests can sign their names on the cute little wood chips and place them in the memory frame. Add a picture of the bride and groom and any other little wedding keepsakes you want to keep safe. Then it can be displayed in your home somewhere where you can see it and think back on your special day!


Wedding Sign

Sign the Welcome Sign

Don’t let your welcome sign go to waste after the ceremony is through, repurpose it as a guest book! Have it discreetly moved to  your cocktail hour and set a few markers nearby. Guests can then sign it and turn it into a beautiful piece of artwork that can be displayed in your home to remember for years to come.


Puzzle wedding guest book.

Photo by Rachel Biedrzycki on Pinterest.

Puzzle Pieces 

Another unique guest book idea is to have your guests sign puzzle pieces with a printed image of the bride and groom! The newlyweds can then have a fun date night putting the puzzle together and remembering the people they shared their special day with.


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